New Akshan - Portals Interaction...LoL Daily Moments Ep 1686

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    Hi im CoconutHi im Coconut
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    New Akshan - Portals Interaction...Daily moments from streamers ep 1686(ftTyler1,Yassuo,TFBlade ,SoloRenektonOnly, Jankos, Nemesis, Tobias Fate, Gripex...).
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    00:00 lourlo
    00:27 ikeepittaco
    00:41 midbeast
    00:59 jankos
    01:15 loltyler1
    01:23 ratirl
    01:43 lol_nemesis
    01:57 thebausffs
    02:18 midbeast
    02:44 froggen
    03:05 karasmai
    03:22 noway4u_sir
    03:26 loltyler1
    03:50 autolykuslol
    04:11 ipav999
    04:22 solorenektononly
    04:47 sloppywalrusx
    04:57 froggen
    05:11 ikeepittaco
    05:21 king_nidhogg
    05:35 midbeast
    05:51 dzukill
    06:20 sirhcez
    06:40 dekar173
    07:10 thebausffs
    07:30 lourlo
    07:55 karasmai
    08:14 midbeast
    08:33 loltyler1
    08:57 dzukill
    09:20 froggen
    09:57 midbeast
    10:22 outro
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Hugo Dreano +28
Hugo Dreano

1:38 no no kindred won you the game

个月 前

@Tre pretty sure you are the one arguing that kindred solo won the game but keep being condescending and pretending like you weren’t

个月 前
Tre +1

@Roon you got it big fella

个月 前
Roon +1

@Tre if twitch did not play well, her R would mean nothing. It is stupid to say kindred won the game when it took both of them

个月 前
Tre +5

@Roon it has nothing to do with what was harder. Its the fact that if kindred did not press r, he wouldnt have even had the chance to keep fighting

个月 前
Just Yuri
Just Yuri

@Roon it only takes one thing to change the putcome of the game

个月 前
Nicholas Deitrich +6
Nicholas Deitrich

The state of the game looks... concerning

个月 前
ALE melchenko
ALE melchenko

welcome to League of Legends.

个月 前
Maciej Martinek +1
Maciej Martinek

9:00 lee kicking pantheon right at Jhin. Pantheon be like ty m8, f**k the baron im geting this Jhin!.

个月 前
Manamejeff +8

why is everyone brainwashed with this useless corki build? it literally does the same dmg with rockets but like 5x less dmg on autos

个月 前
Sebastian Jaque Inzunza +2
Sebastian Jaque Inzunza

Yeah it's more fun but the aa corki does hybrid damage crits of +1000 so I think is better that way

个月 前
MoonNeko +2

Well because rocket distance is longer, thus it’s safer than autoing.

个月 前
LOL Pro & Challenger +2
LOL Pro & Challenger

1:17 RIP

个月 前
Mat3uszzz +3

nidhogg still playing on smurf acc, stop showing his games, its pathetic

个月 前

League of 1-shots

个月 前
Stanisław Poniatowski
Stanisław Poniatowski

Froggen 9:20 :o

个月 前
Matias +2

Hola coco :)

个月 前
Voltaicco +2

What a cringe is karasmai,omg

个月 前
Fuvk0ffU2ube +1

1st one is too cringey

个月 前
John Paul Ramirez +1
John Paul Ramirez

video full of one shot

个月 前
Jim Swim +1
Jim Swim

Bro I actually feel for SRO on that one lol

个月 前
Bruno Giannini +2
Bruno Giannini

the amount of bullshit oneshots ruins any attempt of having a healthy game.... even the balancing team is considered toxic at this point

个月 前
Dex0lpher YT
Dex0lpher YT

Only get 1 shot cause they are massively fed

个月 前
AR7GG +1

please change ur outro

个月 前
Josh Mendoza
Josh Mendoza


个月 前


个月 前
Tomás Emmanuel Fernández +1
Tomás Emmanuel Fernández


个月 前
Amin Husaini +1
Amin Husaini

b4 first hour

个月 前


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